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Eupolis Kman, Split

Eupolis Kman is an intelligent business and residential building site in Split, Croatia, Kman District. This project turned one undervalued area into an innovative, multifunctional real-estate development increasing the value of the whole district. Eupolis group Ltd. created the concept in 2002 in cooperation with UK architect David Wylie, contracted all the land owners, prepared the project documentation, fund-raised the initial development investment in amount of more than 3 million euro from private investors (group of Croatian and Swiss business angels), obtained the necessary plans and permits and then sold it to the Italian and Croatian investors. The Croatian investor changed business part of the project and sold the business building to the Agram insurance concern. In spite of these changes, the project showed that the progressive ideas are able to attract attention, investment and create substantial benefits to all the stakeholders, from land owners (including Split City who owned almost a quarter of the land), investors, tenants and the local community. The total value of the development was 23 million euro and the project was completed in 2010. The project was praised by media, citizens, local government and the tenants. More on this project on

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